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Would you send a villain to do a hero's job?

Gilly wouldn’t call herself wicked, exactly…but when you have five siblings and live in run-down boot, you have to get creative to make ends meet. Gilly’s a pretty good thief (if she does say so herself). Until she gets caught. Gilly’s sentenced to Fairy Tale Reform School where the teachers are former villains like the Big Bad Wolf, the Evil Queen and Cinderella’s Wicked Stepmother. Soon she meets fellow students like Jax, a fairy named Kayla, a pirate named Ollie, the Evil Queen's younger sister Jocelyn and an ogre named Maxine. Together this group of unlikely friends and reformed thieves will have to come together to help save their school and their kingdom from the villains who will stop at nothing to take it all away. Visit the Fairy Tale Reform School Facebook page.
Flunked has been nominated for the 2018 Louisiana Readers’ Choice award for grades 3-5.
Flunked has made the 2016 ILA-CBC Children's Choice List..

In Tricked –Things are changing at Fairy Tale Reform School. At least, that's what Gilly's heard through the Enchantasia rumor mill. Word is, notorious trickster Rumpelstiltskin has taken over management from Headmistress Flora, and he's locked down the school tighter than the Pied Piper's pants. That that this news concerns Gilly. SHe's been released from FTRS and is now suffering through classes at Jack of All Trades School, where she gets to learn about different kinds of shoe leather and ways to measure feet. Truly riveting stuff. But when Gilly's little sister Anna gets wicked off to FTRS thanks to her troublemaking new friends, Hansel and Gretel, Gilly knows she's got to get Anna out of there. There's only one thing to do: make some serious trouble and get thrown back into FTRS.

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