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Jen Calonita

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my website. There are a few things you should know about me right from the start:

  1. I love Walt Disney World and dream of kicking Cinderella out of her castle so I can move in.
  2. I have two chihuahuas named Captain Jack Sparrow and Ben Kenobi
  3. As a kid, I used to hate reading and writing.

What? I'm sure number three blew your mind. How could an author hate reading and writing? Well, it's true. When I was in elementary school I struggled to find the right books, but once my teacher helped me hone in on some of my passions (dance, funny movies, and stories about kids on big adventures), my love of reading grew. The more I read, the better I read. The better I read, the better I started writing.

Once I started writing, I couldn't stop. I got my start in entertainment journalism (where I got to interview people like Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson and Zac Efron) and eventually my job inspired my first series, Secrets of My Hollywood Life. Over the last fifteen plus years, I've written more than two dozen books about young Hollywood celebrities, kids at sleepaway camp, a girl on the road with her favorite boy band and several books about kids at Fairy Tale Reform School and Royal Academy. I love fairy tales and have even been lucky enough to get to twist some of my favorite Disney versions of fairy tales (as part of the Twisted Tale series).

When I'm not writing you'll probably find me watching movies with my two boys, husband and those feisty chihuahuas. For more details about my upcoming books, you can follow me on Twitter @jencalonita, Instagram and TikTok.

Ben, our new chihuahua puppy!

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